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As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, the very success of your company will depend upon your ability to locate that "needle in the haystack." The environment of our business has tremendous implications on all levels in the market--the companies seeking to identify a higher yield of qualified candidates, potential candidates less willing to leave their current position, and in particularly, the people who have the most direct contact with potential candidates. Rather than sell a job opportunity, they need to educate potential candidates on the business benefits, quality of life, and the returns for the transitioning into a new job. These are the advantages of Benson, King & Associates. Our clients know that we represent their companies as knowledgeable colleagues that understand the technical & cultural needs of hiring managers clearly, the first time.

Here at Benson, King & Associates we acknowledge the diversity of this industry. With the experienced and more importantly "educated" representatives that come together to form our establishment, we are fully capable of satisfying your recruiting requirements!

Targeted Research
Our approach is strategic and comprehensive. We work closely with our clients to gain a clear understanding of the organizational requirements. Once we have a thorough understanding of the structure and culture, in partnership with you, we will develop the initial research strategy including determining the appropriate target companies.

We provide prospect identification that includes names, titles, phone numbers, reporting relationships within targeted companies and groups and current status.

Our finished identification product is in a spreadsheet or List format that explains reporting relationships and/or comments, explaining our findings as they relate to the project. The information is emailed daily providing daily contact on the search assignment.

Candidate Development
The next step is to enthusiastically present the position and client to the potential candidates. We conduct extensive phone interviews discussing the opportunity ascertaining level of interest, qualifications, salary and resume. A candidate is considered qualified when certain key competencies are met per the position description and through behavioral based interview questions.

We present the qualified candidates to the clients with their background material and our interview profile notes. Not only does the client have interested and qualified candidates for the available position, the client receives a detailed report of all targets contacted. Benson King & Associates also conducts detailed reference checks if requested.

You cannot beat our 68% Fill Rate at our hourly prices of $80.00 to $120.00!!!