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Benson King & Associates is a firm of professionals set forth to optimize  the recruiting process for each of our clients!  Our extensive resources, countless affiliations and providing over 60 years of experience, your complexity of recruiting has officially been eliminated..

In an ever changing business world, we provide results—-not promises!  Identifying the needs of our clients and integrating the correct solution  in the most efficient  and cost effective manner is Benson King & Associates’ expertise.

Our clients know that we represent their companies as knowledgeable colleagues that understand the technical and  cultural needs of their hiring managers.  We are viewed as a partner within large and small corporate organizations to assist in hiring the highest caliber candidates with in the everchanging work environment.

If you are in need of recruitment expertise, while maximizing the impact of your recruitment investment, then you have found your needle in a haystack.  Benson King & Associates.